Recruiters perform a very valuable service in our industry by matching consultants with clients.  As an IT Consultant, I work with recruiters all the time.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with some great ones.  The best recruiters form long term relationships with clients and consultants.  They are people that you want to work with throughout your career.  Here are a few tips that I follow, as a consultant, when working with recruiters.

Always reply to them

Even if you are currently on a long term assignment, let them know your status.  You never know when the assignment can end or a better opportunity might come along.

Make Referrals

Even if you’re not available for an assignment, you might know someone who is.  You can help your colleagues and the recruiter by getting them in touch with each other.

Be Respectful

Recruiters are working hard, just like you are.

Think Long Term

A good recruiter is someone you want to have a long term relationship with.

Bret Miller – Owner and Principal Consultant, LMR Computer Services Inc

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