Beginning My Journey into the Public Cloud with Amazon Web Services

I launched my first instance on Amazon Web Services last night.  It is a t2.micro instance running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.6.  It’s a small server with 1 CPU and 1 GB of RAM.  I’m on the free tier which allows me to run small instances for a certain number of hours per month.  It’s perfect for the learning experience that I’m after.

When I sign into the AWS Management Console I feel like I have an entire Datacenter at my fingertips.  There is no need to invest in a million dollar facility filled with equipment and a full time staff to support it.  With cloud computing you pay for just what you need.  The cloud service provider takes care of the rest.

You can start small with just a single instance on the free tier like I’m doing.  As your needs grow you can quickly access additional resources in order to scale up.  The possibilities are endless.

I look forward to publishing more posts on Amazon Web Services in the future.  For now, my journey has just begun.

Bret Miller – Owner and Principal Consultant, LMR Computer Services Inc

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